A New Digg was launched.
And while they are ironing out the kinks, they decided to get some “more” linkbait, and introduced a nice Fail Ox. Move over fail whale.

Digg Broken Fail Ox

Techcrunch covered the Fail OX, but did they notice the Bigger Fail that is happening?
The new Digg also just got taken over by Spammer.
There is a free Money and free Grants link on the front page right now.
With 87 Digg. A Big Lulz. A Bigger fail.

I didn’t look at the site well enough to verify the legitimacy of the site, and maybe the site is legitimate with a domain name like free-money-grantsdotcom, but the point is that it would never have made it to the front page without some spamming and well, digg failed to catch it..
Well just saying..

Free Money on Digg

So Spammers, make hay while the Axle is broken. Rush to Digg and be spamming :)

Jokes apart. What does this mean?
Digg is not using the old and tested algorithm for making diggs popular?
In the initials of Digg, gaming it was very easy and it make them take some serious measures, and they made the algorithm better over time. Looks like they have overhauled that system for a better, spammer friendly digg. After all spammers do have a hand in popularizing most of the Web 2.0 “properties” out there.